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The garden preparation procedure begins with an analysis of the existing circumstance. You need to understand, what are the values and what are the disadvantages of your garden. Initially quote the excellent views in the garden - to a natural area, to a hill or a lake - mark on a plan all views, that you think about important. Mark also crucial views - from the garden balcony, from the living-room in your home or another place, which is used frequently. Quote also bad views, which ought to be evaluated in the garden rearrangement procedure. After the analysis is finished, the preparation phase begins, throughout which it is very important to consider the 7 crucial preparation elements.

1. The very first and essential garden preparation element is performed. The garden plan needs to be produced according to the practical zones of the area. So, the very first job is to divide the garden into practical zones.

Each garden has a representative zone of Greenhouse Stores. Generally, it welcomes the front lawn and it is located by the primary entryway, where are the very first views of the property, when approaching it. The representative zone has an ornamental significance - it must be appealing throughout the entire year. For that reason, typically, evergreen plants are used in the representative area, plants, which have a gorgeous shape, ornamental leaves in addition to yearly flowers in the summer season. Unique ornamental things of art are also recommended to be put in the representative zone of the garden.

The leisure zone is a garden area, which is used usually in the warm season. There can be a garden balcony or a gazebo along with a larger yard area for outdoor activities and leisure devices. If there is a pool meant, it will also be positioned in the leisure area. The leisure area can be divided into a peaceful and active zone. The peaceful zone is created for relaxation, dining, and resting, but the active zone can be developed for different sports activities - it can also consist of some sports fields. In the leisure area, such plants are prepared, which have a long blooming duration, and which are specifically ornamental in the warm season. Near the balcony or gazebo, some fragrant plants can be predicted.

If the garden is used by kids, a kids' playground will be among the practical zones of the garden. The playground needs to be positioned in such a part of a garden, which can be monitored by grownups from a place, where they invest most of their time. It needs to be a warm place, but shade also needs to be readily available in the hot season. The kids' playground is typically dividend for kids approximately 6 years and for kids 7 - 14 years of age. There are different activities and different kinds of play devices meant for this age. The playground can have a unique style, or it can be meant for some activities - creativity games, experience, gymnastics, water treatment and so on. Pick the plants by the playground thoroughly - make sure to prevent dangerous plants and plants with thorns.