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Another crucial practical zone is the home area. It is a place, where you will put a compost pile, a barn or a greenhouse, where a canine can be kept, and some building products can be kept. There was a custom to evaluate the family area from the remainder of the garden before, but nowadays it is typically exposed and created so, that it looks appealing.

All components, which are prepared later in the garden ought to be organized according to the design of the practical zones. Do not put components from one zone into another zone - that is the standard suggestion to form a rational garden design.

2. The 2nd essential element in a garden task is the environmental element. The environmental element recommends valuing the natural values of the garden, to pick plants according to the environmental conditions of each place and to set up the garden in an eco-friendly way. Evaluate thoroughly the natural values of your website - do not hurry to cut trees, shrubs and get rid of natural biotopes. A natural meadow, a wetland, a river coast or a forest ground cover can be a lot more important than synthetically developed plantings.

And additionally, when preparing brand-new plants, they must be picked according to the environmental conditions of the place - sun or shade, humidity, nutrients in the soil, alkaline or acid soil and so on. Plants with opposite environmental needs cannot be planted close together.

3. The 3rd crucial preparation element is the appearance, which means the creative structure of the garden - how will it, in fact, appear like? The garden structure like any type of art needs to be harmonic, based upon a great option of percentages. There can be different design ideas, but it is essential to link the principle with the existing scenario - the landscape welcoming the area and the design of the structures in the area - all these aspects ought to make up a joined structure with the garden. The garden design can be more natural - suitable for the countryside, larger gardens, and more natural surroundings. Or on the other hand, it can be more synthetic, made up of different pavements, architectural aspects and routine types - proper for city gardens, historic gardens and little websites. In countryside gardens the area is frequently dividend in different zones of naturalness - closer to your home the garden is developed more routine and additional away it becomes more natural.


4. For websites with a terrific historic value, it is essential to consider the historic element and the garden needs to be prepared according to the historic design of the structures.

5. Symbolic element of preparation can be essential in gardens with a symbolic significance.

6. Mental element is crucial in all gardens. It is necessary, that people in the garden feel comfy, unwinded and are not limited or stressed out by anything in the garden. There are different ecological aspects, which influence our understanding of the garden (e.g. vastness, intricacy, secret, versatility, originality, light, colors, contrast, products and so on) and they must be adapted to the optimum level of the garden users when producing a garden design. The optimum level is not the very same for everyone - everyone has a different optimum level of each ecological factor.

7. The cost-effective element is also crucial to plan a garden, which fits the organized costs for its facility.